Saturday, May 21, 2011

Growing Like a Weed

Hey there everyone.  Charley here - been a little busy growing like a weed. I am getting bigger everyday.  Check out my stats over there....--------->>>>>>

I had some tummy issues but they finally went away and I am much happier now. My peeps have been busy trying to keep up with me - 

They have been teaching me a lot of new stuff. I can do: sit and down - (I like to do the poodle slide version) but I can do a regular down too, and I can do nose touches on command. I still love to eat and am back on kibble all the time. The kibble gives me lots of opportunities to learn new tricks. Tricks are so much fun and I am so smart that it is easy for me to learn them. Mom says I have a very high I.Q. I don't know what that means but I know the counter is very high and I want to get up there. That's where they keep all the good eats!

I am still learning my recall and we practice everyday. I go for fun walks with Daddy on the trail and love to pick up sticks and chase the leaves that blow in the wind. I have also met some new doggie friends on our walks. 

The big dog Reese comes over to visit more now that I am feeling better. We go for walks together and I like that. She has a big, long tail - perfect for me to grab onto and tug with. But she can hold it up really high and then I can't get it...she is such a tease! But she likes me. She gives me kisses and lets me climb on her and kiss her back.

She still scares me sometimes when she barks because she has such a big dog bark, but I like to try to play with her anyway. The other night she came over and wanted to play with me. I was a little bit shy but Reese would bring one of my squeaky balls to me and squeak it a bunch and throw it towards me. Then she play bowed to me. I was squealing because it was so exciting but when Reese would bark a couple of times I got a little shy again. So Reese ran to my toy box and brought me another ball, squeaked it and threw it toward me again. Reese did that with three or four different balls of mine. Finally, I came out and started running around with Reese. It was crazy fun! Can't wait for her to come back to play again.

The lion lays in wait for her chance to pounce...

Sometimes I like to chew the grass. I got a new collar and Mom says it has "cows" on it.
 Wonder why she got that one?
Dancing with Mike....he is da man!

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  1. My how big you have gotten Charley. Reese wants to play again soon.